MAME 0.142u3

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

New version of the Official MAME Emulator for Windows..

What’s new:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04320: [Crash/Freeze] Many sets in mpu4drvr.c: Crash: Integer Divide
         by Zero (J. Wallace)
- 01893: [Crash/Freeze] mk4: MK4 hangs in demo mode after about 5
         mins/matches. (Phil Bennett)
- 04334: [Graphics] wiz: Missing sprites makes game unplayable
         (Angelo Salese)
- 04326: [Graphics] Many games in cave.c: Graphics corruption
         (Alex Jackson)
- 03103: [Color/Palette] all sets in mrdo.c: The color of “SCENE4″ is
         inaccurate. (kunikuni)
- 04325: [Documentation] madrace: Wrong production year.
- 04304: [Graphics] captaven: Color glitch on scrolling ocean on
         Stage 2 (David Haywood)

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